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Stu Blattner Inc. is the largest Raise Bore Contractor in the Unites States and one of the Largest in the world. The company was incorporated in 1980 and still operates with its original owners, Stu and Bruce Blattner.

In addition to Raise Bore Contracting, Stu Blattner also manufactures :


  • Raise Bore Machines
  • Hard Rock Cutters
  • Reaming Heads
  • Drill Pipes


Currently there are over 20 Raise Bore Machines in fleet, operating in South America, North America and Australia. With over 30 years of Raise Bore experience and over 150,000 feet raised. Stu Blattner Inc has perfected its drilling program saving time and money with its clients over the conventional methods. Stu Blattner caters to its customers offering such services a "low profile" machines. Stu Blattner also has worked with special requests such as developing the "Y" system, where we pull one raise out of another.


Predominately Stu Blattner equipment is used in mining ventilation shafts, ore passages or manways, along with hydroelectric projects for the use of drilling large diameter holes. Stu Blattner has a capacity of drilling from 9 inch to 20 feet in diameter and upto 1500 feet in length depending on the rock condition.


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