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SBI Cutters are 15 Inches in diameter (Both 4 & 5 row models). They use a chisel design tungsten carbides for a better performance.

Also , 4 row models have an extra row at the nose which is best suited for the harsh environment.

In addition, Stu Blattner cutter shafts have 2 working position, which double their useful life.



  • Rebuildable Cutters
  • Easy Maintenance


  • 15 inch diameter cutter, which keeps it cooler
  • 2 shaft positions effectively providing 33 % longer life expectancy
  • Chisel carbide design for better penetration and less wear.
  • Double 4 row, 5 row and full face housing.

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Standard & expandable

Stu Blattner provides reamers in all sizes to meet its clients requirements.



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Stu Blattner drill pipes have the advantage of being able to recut the DI-22 threads when necessary, giving them a more useful life.

Also , 8", 10", 11 1/2 " & 12 7/8" drill pipes have more shoulder area between connections compared with conventional ones.




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They are used to connect the reaming heads to drill string with a DI-22 Thread.






 Bit Rollers stabilizer is used in the piloting process, connecting directly to pilot bit, extending the life expectancy of the stabilizers.





Saddles are an essential component for proper angle and profile for reaming heads.



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